Everybody wants kids to be strong writers.

That's why vocabulary and oral language skills are front and center at Story Stage. You can't put pencil to paper if you can't put words on your ideas.

Sometimes knowing what to say isn't so easy.

That's why real-time feedback is built into everything we do. Story Stage creates plays and scenes where kids use improv to practice language and friendship skills.

Even the best ideas get jumbled.

That's why retelling is a cornerstone of our products and programs. Story Stage gives kids the tools to solve their own problems and organize ideas more easily.

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We build oral language skills so that all students have the foundation they need to be ...


It All Starts With

The Story Walk

The Story Walk is…
  • A framework for active story building and immediate feedback.
  • A tool that targets a wide range of academic and social skills.
  • A meaningful, collaborative learning experience.
  • Engaging for a wide range of student ability.
  • Anchored by research from educational neuroscience, narrative language, and theater education.

Welcome to an interactive learning experience for students that allows them to share their stories in schoolwork and conversations with confidence. Students are guided to build dialogue with peers for each of 10 basic story elements based on their original ideas. The Story Walk process is the foundation for making hard to teach skills relevant and uncomplicated. Let us show you how you can teach skills like inferencing, summarizing, sequencing, and perspective taking with the Story Walk.

Try It Out

Story Stage is a great fit for our school. Our children have average to above average IQs, they’re very creative, and they love theater. But they really do struggle with the written word, the narrative, being able to tell a story. For our children with learning disabilities, writing something down...is very hard. With Story Stage you can see the change they’ve made, and it just becomes so much easier. It makes sense.

Director of Starpoint SchoolFormer Director of Kinderfrogs & Starpoint School Lab Schools

Story Stage Is Trusted By

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Schools who supplement their language arts curriculum with Story Stage have students who write plays like these...

Group Play

Age 6


Age 7


Age 8


Age 12

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Our Goals



Empower students with strategies to organize their ideas so that they can share a good, cohesive story.


Build environments where students can practice important social language and problem solving skills for friends and school.


Partner with schools, teachers & therapists to implement educational tools that are built from cognitive neuroscience on how we learn best.


Create moments where learning feels fun and natural, and feedback is immediate and organic using theater and improvisation.

The Story Behind

Story Stage

Story Stage seeks to create experiences that engage, empower, and equip students for the classroom and beyond.

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