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8+ years working with great schools

The Story Stage Difference

  • Designed by an SLP and ALT
  • Game-based learning
  • Engaging for all types of learners
  • Current and relevant content
  • Research based
  • Culturally inclusive visuals
  • All games pilot tested

What people say...


"Your Body Language Match-Up game made us laugh our heads off when we discovered that different body language made us look like we were being snotty, bratty, flirtatious, rude, etc.  We played with a group of at-risk teenagers and we all learned a lot!"

Middle Schoolers

"We changed the rules a little to make the Look Alikes Game our own. We used the real faces cards and the word cards. We had fun thinking about how you can sometimes feel two emotions at once. Thanks for making such a fun game!"


"This game was an absolute hoot! My students loved trying to guess which people were going to purchase or pass, and watching body language. They all wanted me to bring the game again next time."

Story Stage in the News

We've been working hard since 2015 to help kids communicate better. Check out a few of the media stories that have featured us.

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