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Our Mission

We hope to empower kids to communicate well at every stage of their own personal story.

We create fun and engaging tools that help kids build communication skills to reach their fullest potential.

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Who We Are

We are therapists, language and literacy experts, and parents of kids who learn differently. We understand what you and your child need from more than one perspective. It's our joy to share what we've learned with you, your children, and students so you can see success for their future.

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Evidence-Based and Proven

You can feel confident using our materials and programs. Every product and program we build is the result of 25 + years of professional experience combined with the most current peer reviewed research in the fields of speech-language pathology, literacy, and educational neuroscience.

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Bring Story Stage to Your School

We work with schools of all sizes by bringing a social language curriculum designed to build both verbal and nonverbal skill areas. The Art of Chit Chat is an interactive supplemental curriculum for teaching 5th - 12th graders how to communicate and connect.

Our curriculum shows students how to understand and communicate across 5 key skill areas:

  • Body Language
  • Facial Expressions
  • Gestures & Tone
  • Small Talk
  • Text & Email.
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What our customers say...

Jenny S.

The Story Walk Ruler has been a great tool for my daughter who has disorganized language. I pull it out when she is struggling to tell a story about what happened at recess or what she learned in school. For a Mom who has struggled hearing broken stories over and over, this ruler has been a game changer!

Kim P.

This is the best activity for inferencing that I’ve ever seen! What a creative way for children to work on this much needed reading skill.  I loved watching my kids read the Conversation Mystery scenes and get excited about trying to figure out if the character talking was a Mom or a Teacher or a Skateboarder.


“The spoken word, being able to put thoughts together in some kind of an understandable sequence, is the prerequisite to being able to write, and everyone wants the children to be able to write.”

Story Stage in the News

We've been working hard since 2015 to help kids communicate better. Check out a few of the media stories that have featured us.

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