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Walk before you run; Listen before you read; Speak before you write.
We help kids get the tools they need to succeed where they struggle.

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We had the privilege of being featured on Texas Today where we talked about the Art of Chit Chat and a few other things we are passionate about.

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Not all reading struggles are dyslexia. As the most talked about reading disability, it’s probably the one you’ve heard of. But reading is complicated. There are lots of discrete skills to master before you are a strong reader. LEARN MORE

Kids develop written language later because of the fine motor mechanics involved in holding a pencil. And also because it takes some time to learn to turn beginning squiggles into letters. But the ideas kids need for writing start to form much earlier. LEARN MORE

Everyone loves a good story, and it’s no secret that a good storyteller usually has plenty of friends. Not only that, but research suggests that children who tell stories with ease receive more parent and teacher approval, and grow up to have better problem solving skills for social dilemmas. LEARN MORE

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We've been there and often still are. So when nothing else worked for our kids, we created what we needed. Now it's our joy to share it with you and your children so you can see success for their future.

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Jenny S.

The Story Walk Ruler has been a great tool for my daughter who has disorganized language. I pull it out when she is struggling to tell a story about what happened at recess or what she learned in school. For a Mom who has struggled hearing broken stories over and over, this ruler has been a game changer!

Kim P.

This is the best activity for inferencing that I’ve ever seen! What a creative way for children to work on this much needed reading skill.  I loved watching my kids read the Conversation Mystery scenes and get excited about trying to figure out if the character talking was a Mom or a Teacher or a Skateboarder.


“The spoken word, being able to put thoughts together in some kind of an understandable sequence, is the prerequisite to being able to write, and everyone wants the children to be able to write.”

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