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Mountain or Molehill: a problems + emotional reactions game

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This card game gets kids thinking about whether a situation is a big problem or a small problem. With each card comes the opportunity to put things into perspective and learn how to prioritize issues. The card deck sparks natural conversations that build perspective taking, sequencing, and reasoning skills. 

The Mountain and Molehill Teen Version downloads include instructions for 3 different ways to play, 56 problem situation cards, and an engaging colorful game mat.  

Game Details

There are three ways to play:

Game One is played like the classic game of “War” with two players turning over a card at a time. “Mountains” (big problems) beat “molehills” (little problems).

Games Two and Three are for three or more players, and require sequencing and comparing more than two problems.

  • The difference between a big and little problem
  • Understanding another’s point of view
  • Comparing and contrasting
  • Problem solving
  • 37 problem cards
  • 12 fill-in-the-problem cards
  • Instructions for 3 games
  • 1 Colorful game board

It's About Perspective

By learning perspective, kids will be able to see the differences of big and little problems and others points of view.

Problem Solving

A vital part of life, problem solving is at the center of this game to help your child learn how to look at issues and find solutions to them.

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