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Do you notice your child frequently cries over little disappointments as if they were huge problems? Lots of drama over not finding the shirt they “need” to wear or the “right” snack they want after school?  This could be due to not being able to understand the difference between big versus small problems. This interactive card deck game prompts your child to consider whether a situation is a big problem “mountain” or a small problem “molehill.” The card deck sparks natural conversations that build perspective taking, sequencing, and reasoning skills. Practicing self regulation in a fun game may help your child stop, think and make positive choices in real world situations. 

Mountain and Molehill is available in Elementary and Teen Decks. 

Each deck includes 3 ways to play. Game One is played like the classic game of “War” with two players turning over a card at a time. “Mountains” (big problems) beat “molehills” (little problems). Games 2 and 3 are for three or more players, and require sequencing and comparing more than two problems. Each deck contains 12 blank easy to wipe off colored cards so that students can use a dry-erase marker to insert their own situations into any game.

Each Card Deck Set comes with 1 Gameboard.

The Two Deck Set comes with 2 decks (Elementary and Teens) and 1 gameboard.