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    Cultivating Conversation: A Parent Guide

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    Join Rebekah and Leigh as they guide you through practical, science-backed ways that you can help your child have better conversations.  The next round of live sessions starts July 8th! Grab your spot today, and for 5 days in July we will show you:

    • What it takes to have a good conversation
    • What makes a conversation break down
    • Why your child may be struggling with social communication
    • How to navigate therapies and report lingo
    • How to help at home starting now

    These sessions are live so you can get real-time answers to your questions. Check your inbox for the recorded session if life gets busy and you miss us! 

    For less than $10 a session, we will bring you 25+ years of experience as therapists and put our knowledge in your hands.

    Session Dates & Times: 

    • MONDAY, July 8th  @ 6PM
    • WEDNESDAY, July 10th  @ 6PM
    • FRIDAY, July 12th @ 12PM
    • MONDAY, July 15th  @ 6PM
    • WEDNESDAY, July 17th  @6PM

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    Cultivating Conversation: A Parent's Guide

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    5 Video Modules

    Rebekah and Leigh will guide you through practical, science-backed ways that you can help your child have better conversations.

    Story Stage

    Live + Recorded

    Join the live chat to get answers to your questions. Check your inbox for the recorded sessions if life gets busy and you can't make it.

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    Connect & Play

    Identify your child's conversation strengths and weaknesses. Be intentional about which games to play to help your child grow.

    Here's what you'll learn

    Understand how to help your child have better conversations so they can connect with friends, teachers and YOU!

    Module #1: "Good" conversations

    • Understand the true meaning of "It's not what you said; it's how you said it" Be able to give your kids more specific feedback, so they can make positive changes.

    • Learn how simple listening techniques can take the pressure of talking away ... yet make you seem like the best conversationalist in the room.

    • Learn exactly what nonverbal language skills are, and why they are super important.
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    Module #2: Conversation Breakdowns

    • Learn to identify 5 different common reasons why conversations break down

    • Teach your child concrete skills to help prevent these breakdowns from happening

    • Deepen your connection with your kids when better conversations start at home
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    Module #3: Why is my kid struggling?

    • Discover why conversations may be hard for your child

    • Develop a checklist of strengths and weaknesses that will help you make a concrete plan to support your child.
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    Module #4: Reports & Therapists

    • Unpack the confusing lingo that's often in diagnostic reports

    • Finally understand the difference between OT, ST, ABA, and ALT (spoiler alert: they are all therapists, but help with different things!)

    • Understand your treatment options so you can make the best choices for your family.
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    Module #5: How to help at home

    • Create a schedule for directly working on conversational skills so that you're not constantly nagging your child

    • Learn ways to indirectly support your child's conversation skills so that you can be supportive throughout the day

    • Learn the science behind how kids learn best, and why games are one of the best ways to teach your child.

    • Implement games and activities that limit screentime and foster communication and connection

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