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    Communication Circuits Game Set

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    Introducing Communication Circuits - an electrifying trio of games for families that puts the power of great communication skills in your hands. Say goodbye to awkward encounters and hello to meaningful connections as you play games that teach strategies for making small talk, reading body language, and figuring out facial expressions.

    Designed and used by therapists, these games make it easy for you to start teaching your child how to talk with and listen to others better today! 

    Each game is packed with simple, science-backed strategies that give you concrete tools to nurture your children's communication skills in a fun and engaging way:

    Body Language Match-Up  - learn about open vs. closed body language and the messages you might not even realize you're sending

    Facial Expression Cards - learn exactly what to notice about a person's eyes, nose, and mouth so that you can recognize their emotions and better empathize

    Catch My Convo - learn 6 different strategies for keeping a conversation going, and 5 ways to start a real conversation (that doesn't sound like you've memorized a conversation starter card!)

    Don't miss out on the opportunity to give your child the gift of great communication skills. Get your Communication Circuits Set today and watch as your kids build stronger connections through the power of good conversations.

    Communication Circuits helps your kids with these key skills:

    • Starting a conversation and keeping it going
    • Recognizing body language that signals whether or not a person is interested in what you are saying
    • Active listening as a conversation strategy
    • Understanding the messages you send when your body language and words you say are not in sync
    • Tuning in to facial expressions to infer how others are really feeling, so that you can empathize
    • Sharing conversational turns by asking good questions and making thoughtful comments

    What's Included:

    Three science-backed games that make learning the skills you need for having better conversations easy, fun, and effective! Inside the big red bag, you'll get 3 games that help your kids:

    Learn to read body language so you can pick up on social cues and "read" the room better.

    Learn to start a conversation and keep it going.

    Learn to figure out facial expressions so you can better understand how a friend is feeling.

    Facial Expressions Game

    Struggle to explain what to look for when reading facial expressions? Our Facial Expression Cards make it easy to provide specific and consistent feedback when teaching students how to read and make facial expressions. These age, gender, and culturally inclusive cards include 2 images for each of 12 expressions:  Happy, Sad, Angry, Disgusted, Surprised, Nervous, Frustrated, Confused, Contempt, Scared, Tired, and Bored.

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    Body Language Game

    Body Language Match-Up is a matching game that teaches kids the importance of nonverbal communication by challenging them to match body language with spoken lines. Laugh together as it quickly becomes clear that body language can speak louder than words!

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    Conversations Game

    Go beyond boring conversation starter decks that just give you a topic. Teach your kids valuable conversation skills with our collaborative game. Learn how to ask questions, make comments, and listen effectively.

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