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On Your Face Bingo - a game of facial expressions + synonyms

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Are you ready to take your bingo experience to a whole new level? On Your Face Bingo is a game where you match everyday situations to facial expressions and feelings vocabulary. Picture this:  Another driver cuts you off in traffic. What emotion would show on your face? If you're like most people, you'd be angry! Now, you have a choice to make. Do you place your Bingo Chips on the FACE SQUARE showing an angry facial expression, or do you opt for the WORD SQUARE displaying the synonym "furious?" On Your Face Bingo puts you in touch with the feelings we all experience in our daily lives, and gives you the vocabulary to talk about it. 

Includes:  Bingo chips, 24 Bingo Boards with 2 levels of difficulty, Answer key, Synonyms list, 100 Situation Cards

Product Details

Use these games for quick and easy ways to practice social communication skills 1-on-1 or in a group.

Therapists, counselors, camp leaders, classroom teachers -- or anyone who works on social communication skills with kids aged 7 and up! Great for camp curriculum as well.

1. On Your Face Bingo:

  • Bingo game with 24 unique boards and a tub of colorful bingo chips.
  • Fosters social interaction and reinforces facial expression recognition through gameplay.

2. Facial Expression Cue Cards:

  • Set of 24 gender and culturally inclusive cue cards.
  • Offers specific feedback to enhance the ability to read and make facial expressions

3. Story Chorus Scripts:

  • Scenes for students to read and practice making facial expressions with tone of voice in context.
  • Develops contextual understanding of emotions.

4. Face Charades:

  • Fun game to read as many facial expressions as you can before the timer runs out!
  • Enhances expressive communication skills.

5. Look Alikes:

  • 3-way matching card game that encourages kids to match facial expressions with corresponding situations and emojis.
  • Reinforces vocabulary for feelings and social inferencing.

6. Three Truths Game:

  • Use facial expressions to reveal or hide the truth from your teammates!
  • Includes a notepad for recording responses.
  • Works on facial expressions, body language and tone of voice in context; as well as naming items in a category.

7. Student Mirrors (Set of 5):

  • Handy mirrors for personalized practice and self-reflection.
  • Encourages self-awareness and expression.

8. Jelly Belly's Bean Boozled Pack:

  • A fiery introduction to the "That Tastes Great" game you'll find in the Instruction Booklet!
  • Practice hiding your true feelings by hiding you facial expressions, and learning why and when this could be appropriate (i.e. being polite!)

9. Instruction Booklet:

  • Comprehensive guide so that you can easily setup and play 10+ games.
  • Tips and suggestions for maximizing the learning experience.
  • Scripted lessons so you'll know exactly what to say.

The Facial Expressions Kit is a dynamic tool that not only educates but also entertains! Help your students develop crucial social language skills, improve communication, and gain confidence in expressing themselves.    

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