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On the Same Page Card Game

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Introducing "On the Same Page", a fun and interactive card game designed to help kids learn the art of conversation. This game is perfect to help kids understand the main idea of a conversation and then come up with something on-topic to say.

        Game Details

        Two players start talking about a topic, but can’t say the word on their card. If you can figure out what the topic of conversation is, it’s your turn to join in! But listen closely to the conversational clues; if you jump in and start talking about the wrong topic, you’re out! With "On the Same Page", you'll be well on your way to becoming a confident and engaging communicator.

        • Listening for clues that tell you what people are talking about
        • Taking turns talking in conversation
        • Thinking of what to say when joining a group
        • Extending the topic of conversation
        • Card deck of fun, current talking prompts
        • Game instructions

        Social Cues

        Your child will learn what to listen for in conversation to help them improve their social interactions.

        Improve Confidence

        This game is designed to help improve your child's confidence by teaching them ways to engage and extend various types of conversations.

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