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Introducing the Facial Expressions Kit – an innovative and engaging toolkit designed to empower kids aged 7 and up with the essential skills of interpreting and expressing emotions through facial expressions. Perfect for counselors, speech therapists, and parents, this comprehensive kit provides a fun and educational approach to developing social language skills in children.

All of this is included in your Facial Expression Kit Box: On Your Face Bingo:
  • A captivating Bingo game with 24 unique boards and a tub of colorful bingo chips.
  • Fosters social interaction and reinforces facial expression recognition through gameplay.
Facial Expression Cue Cards:
  • Set of 24 gender and culturally inclusive cue cards.
  • Offers specific feedback to enhance the ability to read and make facial expressions
Story Chorus Scripts:
  • Engaging scenes for students to read scenarios and practice making facial expressions in context.
  • Develops contextual understanding of emotions.
Face Charades:
    • Guess as many facial expressions as you can before the timer runs out!
    • Enhances expressive communication skills.
    Look Alikes:
    • A 3-way matching card game that encourages kids to match facial expressions with corresponding situations and emojis.
    • Reinforces vocabulary for feelings and social inferencing.
    Three Truths Game:
    • Use facial expressions to reveal or hide the truth from your teammates!
    • Includes a notepad for recording responses.
    • Works on facial expressions, body language and tone of voice in context; as well as naming items in a category.
    Student Mirrors (Set of 5):
    • Handy mirrors for personalized practice and self-reflection.
    • Encourages self-awareness and expression.
    Jelly Belly's Bean Boozled Pack:
    • A fiery introduction to the "That Tastes Great" game you'll find in the Instruction Booklet!
    • Practice hiding your true feelings by hiding you facial expressions, and learning why and when this could be appropriate.
    Instruction Booklet:
    • Comprehensive guide so that you can easily setup and play 10+ games.
    • Tips and suggestions for maximizing the learning experience.
    • Scripted lessons so you'll know exactly what to say.
    The Facial Expressions Kit is a dynamic tool that not only educates but also entertains! Help your students develop crucial social language skills, improve communication, and gain confidence in expressing themselves.    

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