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Body Language Match Up

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Body Language Match-Up is a matching game that teaches kids the importance of nonverbal communication by challenging them to match body language with spoken lines. Laugh together as it quickly becomes clear that body language can speak louder than words!

Game Details

Players take turns flipping over 1 red SAY IT CARD and 1 blue DO IT CARD. Read the line on your SAY IT CARD while performing the actions on your DO IT CARD. Does the body language you acted out match the words you said? If so, you've got a match!

  • How to read the room (noticing other people’s body language)
  • Increased awareness of their own body language
  • What kinds of body language sends a negative message
  • What kinds of body language sends a positive message
  • 20 SAY IT Cards
  • 20 DO IT Cards
  • Answer key
  • Open and Closed Body Language Charts

Read the Room

Learning to read the room is a vital skill for anyone. This game teaches kids to pay attention to body language, so they can understand social cues more effectively.

Body Language

Research shows that greater than half of communication is nonverbal, but most folks don't realize what their body language is saying. This game is a fun way to teach the importance of non-verbal communcation!

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