Oral Language Foundations

Start today! It's easy to weave fun, innovative oral language lessons into your daily routines with our Oral Language Foundations. Our lessons will work in lots of different contexts:

  • After-school 
  • In the car
  • Dinnertime games
  • Story times
  • Homeschool groups
  • Summer camps
  • Homework that doesn’t feel like homework

Research tells us that oral practice with similarly structured stories will build a story schema that children can internalize. We call these patterns for story building BIG STORY skills. Sometimes it’s a simple pattern, like this:

problem + how you tried to solve that problem + how it all worked out

We also know that sharing and retelling stories in intentional ways can build vocabulary and sentence structures that your child will internalize. We call these frameworks the SMALL STORY skills. Sometimes this looks like knowing that in English, adjectives come before nouns:

The + grumpy + old + cat