1. Retell a story you’ve read
Reading and retelling is your oral language magic bullet. Use the Ruler or Floor Mats with the accompanying Read & Retell Guide. The books on the included Booklist  fit nicely with the Story-Walk™ sequence to make retelling easy. 

2. Tell someone a story

What if your child has a band-aid on their arm, and a classmate asks, “What happened?” For some kids, it’s hard to tell what happened and include all the details needed. The Story-Walk™ gives kids a pattern to learn and internalize, so that they can build better relationships through stories. Storytelling is more than retelling a book; it is a life skill. 

3. Write a story

Pull out the Story-Walk™ Stickers when you’re ready to write, and quickly get the basic outline of your ideas down on paper (or screen:). The included Storywriting Guide will show you just how it’s done. Story-Walk™ Stickers are great for creating a story map on your own paper, and for checking your work when you’re done.

A few things we have to help with this are:


Our Story-Walk™ Floor Mats are a fantastic way to get kids up and moving (link to Principle #1 under “What guides us”) during story telling and retelling. Each mat is a story part. Together, all 10 mats build a complete story with a problem-solution structure. Scatter them, hide them, walk on them, or rearrange them for countless interactive story fun. Each premium mat measures 14 inches square printed in beautiful bright colors on durable banner material.  Roll them up for easy transport and wipe clean. Included:  10 Premium Story-Walk™ Floor Mats, 1 Read & Retell Booklet with a list of recommended books, and 1 Floor Mat Game Guide.


Keep one at your desk for writing, or near your bedside for reading and retelling. Or stick one in your car so your child can use it to tell you a story about the school day. Light and portable, these rulers make it easy to organize your oral language for telling, retelling or writing. Sturdy premium ruler with story icons printed in bold colors! Included: 1 Story-Walk Ruler, 1 Read & Retell Booklet with a list of recommended books


Write 10 stories with each sticker sheet. Great to use as a guide for organizing your ideas for writing personal stories during journaling, or for writing your next adventure tale. Included: 1 sticker sheet with 100 total stickers (enough for 10 stories), 1 Storywriting Guide


16 original stories that follow the Story-Walk™ blueprint for storytelling. Use the Story-Walk™ Frames for telling and writing stories that don't start with staring at a blank page! Take off the pressure of coming up with an idea. When you ask kids to elaborate on each story part, they’ll have fun adding their own flair to the story; and they’ll build SMALL STORY SKILLS like sentence construction, vocabulary and adding dialogue. Or work on BIG STORY SKILLS by reading the story aloud to your kids while they jump from mat to mat using our Story-Walk™ Mats. Play a family story game where everyone changes one part of the story and then retells their new story. Included: 16 stories at two different levels, 1 Storyframes Guide.