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Meet the team

Our Mission Statement

We help kids build language skills to have better conversations. We do this through research-backed products and games that are interactive and fun for everyone.

Who We Are

We're parents and professionals in the art of language and education. So, when we couldn't find what we were looking for to help our learning different kids, we made our own.

Rebekah Carlile


With 25 years as an educator and speech-language pathologist, and multiple alcolades for her career achievements, Rebekah designed the Art of Chit Chat program to teach kids growing up in the Internet and Pandemic Age to communicate and connect better. The program grew out of her experience teaching the Story Stage program in schools (co-founded with Leigh) across Dallas-Ft. Worth for 7 years. Rebekah saw that more and more students were struggling socially and with conversation skills, many of them simply because our modern world has limited opportunities for personal interactions -- there's always an app for that, you know. She loves designing activities and games that make kids want to engage and interact organically, face-to-face.

Leigh Scanlon


Leigh brings a wealth of experience to the Art of Chit Chat program from sales, education, and academic language therapy. She co-founded the Story Stage company with Rebekah in 2015, and has found that being in classrooms teaching language and communication skills is her favorite place to be. Her students routinely tell her how fun her classes are, and how easy it is to learn because they get to "think out loud." Leigh is excited to teach the Art of Chit Chat to other teachers because she believes we can all help kids build confidence for making small talk, joining groups, or interviewing for college and jobs. Leigh looks forward to working in communities to help give the younger generation the gift of chatting and connecting.

We Love Learning

Learning should be fun and so we're all about making it a memorable and fun experience for your kids. Here's a few ways our programs and products teach your kids. And some fun stuff from us too.