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"Our conversations only flow when we have the time to text back after we’ve had time to think about it. When we go for interviews, we are shocked when we are put on the spot because we don’t have the time to think on our feet as we do over the phone. We don’t know how to communicate in person." ~ Hannah, 2020 graduate

Your kids need The Art of Chit Chat

The Art of Chit Chat is an interactive supplemental curriculum for teaching 5th - 12th graders how to communicate and connect. We show students how to understand and communicate across 5 key skill areas: Body Language, Facial Expressions, Gestures & Tone, Small Talk, and Text & Email

Body Language

Learn what you might be communicating with your body language, how to interperet it, and how to use it to your advantage.

Facial Expressions

Learn how your face communicates emotion, and how to use your understanding of facial expressions to guide the way you respond to others.

Gestures & Tone

Learn to use gestures effectively to be a better communicator. Recognizing what happens when your words do not match your tone can aid relationships.

Small Talk

Learn strategies for initiating, extending, and guiding a conversation. Discover the secret sauce to being thought of as a good listener. Small talk is the on-ramp to almost every relationship we build.

Text & Email

Learn when to use formal (Hello Mr. Thomas) or informal language (Whassup bro). Know when to use text versus email, how to account for tone of voice in digital messages, and what the accepted conventions are for both mediums.

Putting It Together

Learn how to put nonverbal and verbal communication skills together in real life situations with role plays and trivia games.

Based on Experience and Research

Pilot Testing and Outcomes

We have piloted our programs in the Education Department at Cook Children's Hospital, Texas Christian University's Starpoint School, and The Key Center for Learning. We've significantly improved student ability to comprehend and understand the spoken word. Objectively, that's translated into students who communicate better when they speak and write across the curriculum. Subjective outcomes include students who report increased confidence for speaking and writing; and teachers who report students are better at showing empathy, perspective, and telling a story.

The Art of Chit Chat Book

Our book is loaded with all kinds of activities that work on the 5 above mentioned areas for your kids. It also contains suggested sequences, rubrics, online resources, games and so much more!

Engaging Activities

Our custom games are based on research, real facial expressions, contain diagrams and work on all skill levels. There's even posters and handouts to share with others!

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