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LANGUAGE GAMES DISCLAIMER: In our combined experience as actors, therapists, theater students and teachers we have gathered these games from the community at large. In instances where we know the orginal source, we will absolutely credit them. However, in most cases, we have re-engineered the theater-based improv games used for Story Stage Language Games so that they purposefully build language, social, and academic skills in kids, instead of being a tool specifically for performers.

© 2020 Story Stage. All rights reserved. By copyright law, the download of this product entitles one person the use of digital and printed files for a single classroom, caseload, or group of students. Files are not to be shared or published in any way (including blogs, websites, and social media) unless express permission has been granted by Story Stage. Contact us at

5 Reasons You Need to Try Language Games!

  • Your kids need a break from Zoom, but still need to learn.
  • Your kids need to wiggle and laugh.
  • You have kids of different ages and abilities.
  • You need a quick activity that’s easy to learn.
  • You need something you can customize with your content.

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