Speech Pathologists

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Don’t you love it when a single product can be used to target multiple age groups AND multiple therapy goals? Story Stage games and activities are simply designed so that they work as well with elementary-aged students as with high schoolers. Our On the Same Page card deck is  as good with middle schoolers as it is for aphasia groups!

“I love the way Story Stage combines theater and language. They create such a natural context for expression, that you really feel like students can walk away and understand how to use their new skills.”

Jennifer Lewis, M.A., CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

Speech Pathologist Starter Bundle

This bundle includes the Story Stage pieces speech pathologists need to get started with our products for both small groups and classroom push-ins. Target narrative language goals, social language goals, vocabulary and grammar goals with these selections. Perfect for working in multiple settings, this portable bundle could fit in your purse!

  • 3 Icon Stories $5
  • 3 Inferencing Stories $5
  • Downloadable Story Stage Ruler $2
  • 5 sheets Story Stage Stickers $20
  • Mountain or Molehill Card Deck and Gameboard $16.99
  • Story Stage Card Deck: What are You Doing? $13.99
$62.98 value

Now $53.55 

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