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Having Story Stage in your school builds a positive culture that is value added for all. We can show you how departments can work together towards a celebration of student plays at the end of each semester, creating meaningful cross-curricular involvement. Parents love that all kids have a voice, and that student writing is celebrated rather than performance.

Story Stage Skills Targeted Across Grades 1-12

Critical Thinking Skills
  • Inferencing and answering “why” questions
  • Determining causes
  • Predicting outcomes and next steps
  • Brainstorming alternate solutions to problems
Social Skills
  • Giving and receiving helpful feedback from peers
  • Taking conversational turns (Stop monologuing!)
  • Using and understanding body language, tone of voice and sarcasm
  • Recognizing perspectives besides your own
  • Understanding big versus little problems
Oral Language & Written Skills
  • Asking and answering relevant wh-questions
  • Retelling stories using temporal and causal vocabulary
  • Using dialogue to convey details about characters and settings
  • Expanding vocabulary for feelings and mental state verbs
  • Building more grammatically complex sentences

“Story Stage is one of the most unique enrichment programs that we offer at TVS. Participating students get a chance to dive deep into the creative process as they engage in theater exercises and develop original plays fully reflective of their individual voices and imaginations. And, little do the students realize the growth happening in them along the way—socially and emotionally.

Small class sizes and caring instructors design just the right environment to ensure the safety and guidance needed for all of this “risky,” creative work. At TVS, we have students participate in multiple sessions, they love Story Stage so much! The Celebration of Plays at the end of the program is magical! Students are beaming, parents are filled with delight and laughter, and other audience members sit in amazement as we watch professional actors bring to life each wondrous student play.”

Nicole Forbes

Director of Extracurricular Programs
Trinity Valley School

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