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What Are You Doing? Card Deck

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Introducing "What Are You Doing?" a fun and active game that combines the excitement of charades with the challenge of answering in longer, more detailed sentences. This game puts a stop to those one-word answers, as kids learn to talk about what they’re doing in a more detailed and descriptive way. It's a great way to have fun and learn at the same time!

Game Details

Players take turns acting out an action on their card, but the twist is that the next player must make that action more interesting.

  • Taking turns in conversation
  • Speaking in longer sentences
  • Adding details to conversations
  • 37 picture cards
  • 12 fill in the blank cards
  • Instructions
  • Teaching Tips

Stop One-Word Answers

Kids will learn to talk about what they're doing in a more detailed and descriptive way.

Detailed Pictures

These cards are designed to show exactly what the child needs to see and know in order to respond effectively.

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