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Vocabulary Conversations 2: Fancy Party Gowns Set

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Vocabulary Conversations is an interactive, evidence-based, fun way to build vocabulary so that you have the words to say exactly what you mean! Each unique game curates 20 Tier 2 vocabulary words from a nonfiction picture book for kids. This set of words comes from Fancy Party Gowns: The Story of Fashion Designer Ann Cole Lowe by Deborah Blumenthal.

Game Details

Have fun reading short conversations that provide some natural context for a specific vocabulary word in the set. Turn over a word card to see if you have a match. Go back and find the words in the book for extra reinforcement. Play solo, in pairs, or with friends.

  • How to listen for context clues in conversation
  • Listening for clues about word meanings
  • Make inferences about how words relate to conversations
  • Build vocabulary
  • Hardback nonfiction picture book
  • 20 vocabulary words
  • 20 vocabulary conversation cards
  • Answer key

Vocabulary Explosion

This game builds vocabulary using evidence-based strategies based on the work of Beck, McKeown, & Kucan.

Double the Context Clues

Practice using context clues in the book and on the conversation cards so that vocabulary learning sticks!

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