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Vocabulary Conversations: Joan Proctor, Dragon Doctor Set

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Vocabulary Conversations is an interactive, evidence-based, fun game that builds vocabulary so that you have the words to say exactly what you mean! Each unique game curates 20 Tier 2 vocabulary words from a nonfiction picture book for kids. This set of words comes from Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor by Patricia Valdez.

Game Details

Have fun reading short conversations that provide some natural context for a specific vocabulary word in the set. Turn over a word card to see if you have a match. Go back and find the words in the book for extra reinforcement. Play solo, in pairs, or with friends.

  • How to listen for context clues in conversation
  • Listening for clues about word meanings
  • Make inferences about how words relate to conversations
  • Build vocabulary
  • Hardback nonfiction picture book
  • 20 vocabulary words
  • 20 vocabulary conversation cards
  • Answer key

Vocabulary Explosion

This game builds vocabulary using evidence-based strategies based on the work of Beck, McKeown, & Kucan.

Double the Context Clues

Practice using context clues in the book and on the conversation cards so that vocabulary learning sticks!

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