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It's a backyard party in one simple download! This is exactly what you need to create a backyard play for camps, after-school or a birthday party!

This package includes:

A Story Stage Classic Guide (choose below) to accompany your own copy of one of these books:

  • Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
  • Wayside Stories
  • Mercy Watson
  • Caps for Sale

Each guide includes: 


Step-by-step instructions from choosing a book to staging the play; book-sharing guide with full retell cheatsheet; tips for assigning characters; list of around-the-house props; 3 timelines for playmaking; our top 10 tips to get kids talking

STORY WALK RULERS (downloadable for each child) See Product Details

STORY STAGE PLAYBOOKS (downloadable for each child) 

Each Playbook includes: a section of Line Builders with Story Walk Icons for guiding the organization of the lines they create; a section for kids to explore the inside & outside traits of their characters and use this for planning their costumes; a main idea and summarizing section linked to possible artistic choices for their backdrop.

IMPORTANT! These are not included: The book (grab a copy from your local library!); a canvas drop cloth like this one from Home Depot to paint a backdrop; acrylic paints and foam brushes; chalk; costume pieces from around your house.