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Is reading comprehension a ‘mystery’ for your child? Conversation Mysteries are a fun way to build skills like inferencing, listening comprehension, and answering wh-questions.  Your child will read short scenes aloud with a partner (you!) pretending to be different characters having a conversation. The scenes are full of clues about who is talking and where they are, but it’s not directly stated. There are countless opportunities to use background knowledge from their own experiences to draw good conclusions and make strong inferences about what’s going on. No more boring circling the answers on a worksheet, instead try an active way to practice reading comprehension skills.

 This Set includes: 

  • Scripted Scenes to read, 1-on-1 or with a small group. 
  • Each Scripted Scene includes at least 15 comprehension discussion questions  (that's over 120 questions in all!). 
  • Show What You Know worksheet for individual use. The worksheet intentionally requires less student writing, for those who struggle.