Speech Pathologist Bundle

$62.98 $53.55

This bundle has been carefully curated to include the Story Stage pieces needed for speech pathologists to get started with our methodology. Target narrative language goals, social language goals, vocabulary and grammar goals with these selections. Perfect for working in multiple settings, this entire bundle could fit in your purse!

  • Story Frames – Older Student Set 1 –  $5
  • Conversation Mysteries – Older Student Set 1 – $5
  • Downloadable Story Stage Ruler $2
  • 5 sheets Story Stage Stickers $20
  • Mountain or Molehill Card Deck and Gameboard $16.99
  • Story Stage Card Deck: What are You Doing? $13.99

Starter bundle to integrate StoryStage into your therapy, quickly, seamlessly and enjoyable!

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Weight 17.68 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in