Parent Bundle

$65.97 $56.00

Here you’ll find our best collection for dinner-table game nights! You’ll get 3 Card Decks (sent by FedEx) to help your child learn to describe, speak in longer sentences, maintain topic in conversations, and recognize the difference between a little and a big problem. You’ll be able to use your downloadable ruler immediately! Check out our blog post for ideas to the ruler for reading stories, creating original stories, and writing stories.

  • 1 Story Stage Card Deck:  On the Same Page $13.99
  • 1 Story Stage Card Deck:  What are you doing? $13.99
  • 1 Mountain/Molehill deck and 2 premium game boards $23.99
  • Downloadable Story Stage Ruler  $2
  • 3 Story Stage Sticker Sheets $12

Starter bundle to integrate StoryStage into your day-to-day or for your homeschool lessons, quickly, seamlessly and enjoyable!

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Weight 22.92 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in