Mountain or Molehill Game


Available in Elementary Version or Middle School Version, this deck sparks natural conversations among students to build perspective taking, sequencing, reasoning, and complex sentence building skills. Each deck includes 3 ways to play. Game One is played like the classic game of “War” with two players turning over a card at a time. “Mountains” (big problems) beat “molehills” (little problems). Games 2 and 3 are for three or more players, and require sequencing and comparing more than two problems. Each deck contains 12 blank colored cards so that students can use a dry-erase marker to insert their own situations into any game. Easy to wipe off for the next student.

Each Card Deck Set comes with 1 Gameboard.

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Two versions: Elementary and Middle School

The Elementary version contains a card deck with problems that are more relevant to children who are 11 years old and younger. The Middle School version comes with a card deck suited for children who are 12 and up. Both include 1 gameboard.

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Elementary Set, Middle School Set, Two Deck Set, Extra Game Board (Download), Extra Game Board (Physical)