Drama Teacher Bundle

$53.98 $45.50

Here you will find our top recommendations for theater teachers to compliment existing lesson plans. Use these improv-based tools to help your students learn to extend conversations; make relevant comments in conversation;  logically sequence a narrative;  retell plays to hone summarization skills;  use dialogue to create subtle exposition; and extract information from scenes to draw conclusions about character and plot. All downloadable, except your Card Deck (delivered by FedEx).

  • Language Snippet 2: Let’s talk about it!  $9.99
  • 1 Story Stage Card Deck: On the Same Page $13.99
  • Story Frames – Older Students Set  $5
  • Story Frames – Younger Students Set $5
  • Conversation Mysteries – Older Students Set $5
  • Conversation Mysteries – Younger Students Set $5
  • Floor-sized Story Walk download $1

Starter bundle to integrate StoryStage into your classroom, quickly, seamlessly and enjoyable!

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