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Fort Worth Kids Summer Reading Program

What skills does your kid need to improve?

Do you have a smart, creative child who “hates” writing? Would rather learn on their feet than at a desk? Has great ideas, but needs help to find the right words and organize them? Story Stage is an active educational adventure where we build talking, listening, and literacy skills from the bottom up. Join us at Key School this summer to puzzle and pretend with friends to write your own play. Plays will be performed and celebrated on the last day of class by
professional actors. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Students will improve their skills in these areas:

  • Determining causes and effects
  • Predicting outcomes and next steps
  • Brainstorming alternate solutions to problems
  • Asking and answering relevant wh-questions
  • Retelling stories using temporal and causal vocabulary
  • Using dialogue to build vocabulary about characters, settings, and feelings
  • Building more grammatically complex sentences
  • Drawing inferences 

Hallmarks of our evidence-based approach

  1. Student-driven content (your play can be about anything you want ... race cars, baking, a recess bully?)
  2. Retelling as revising (there’s no erasing and re-writing because we act it out and get lots of language practice before we ever write a word)
  3. We give kids the tools to solve their own problems (learning is so much better when you figure it out for yourself.

This class is limited to 8 students, with 2 instructors.


Registration Now Open

REGISTER with KEY SCHOOL – Key Summer Director,
Mr, Chad Meeks (817) 446-3738

June 13th - July 1, 2022

TIME: 9- 10:00 am , 10:15-11:15am

Grades: 6-8
TIME: 11:15-12:15

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