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Skills Assessment

What is this supposed to do exactly?

This assessment is intended to give you an idea of where your child is from the standpoint of oral language. Please know that this is not a formal assessment, and not intended in any way to diagnose your child. We hope it serves as a starting point, so that you can gather information and know what to do next. 

Steps for the assessment

  1. Print or take a picture of the Retell Checklist with your phone.
  2. Tell your child you are going to read a story, and that when you are finished she will tell the story back to you. Show the picture of the gorilla to your child while you are reading. 
  3. Ask your child to tell the story back to you.  Say something like: "Tell the story back to me and try to say the story the same way I said it."
  4. Use the Retell Checklist to see how much story information your child was able to include.
  5. Ask your child the Retell Comprehension Questions.
  6. Look at the Retell Examples to find which one is most similar to your child's retelling.

When you are done with the assessment, come back to this page for direction on what products will be of most help to you. 


Find out what help you actually need

Use this to figure out what area your child is actually struggling in. Then you'll be able to determine which products will work best for you. AFTER the assessment, see below to shop the products that will fit you best.

Take the Assessment