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Help your kids build social communication skills

Life is busy. Your kids don't need more homework, but how can you help them learn to make a friend or advocate for themselves with a teacher? We can help you find social language skills they need in fun, interactive ways.

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You'll love this free & easy way to talk to your kids about how to use a more formal (polite) register when talking to adults or teachers, versus the vocabulary they might use with their buddies. Our newsletters are filled with practical tips, like how to build social language on-the-go. We are respectful of your inbox -- we never share your info and only send you discounts, freebies, or tips!


2. Try a "Serious Game!"

Our "serious" games are evidence-based and designed to feel like a game, but they have a "serious" purpose. The social language learning is built into the game play, so there's not a lot of "teaching" that you have to do....just play with your kids!


3. Bring Us To Your School

Working with schools on a larger scale is something we love doing! Contact us directly and we'd love to see how we can talk with you and your school's administration about our Art of Chit Chat curriculums for K-12 that are easy to implement in advisories, classrooms, after-school programs, or therapy programs.

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We're Here to Help You and Your Child

In its simplest terms, oral language is talking and understanding talk. It's made up of 5 critical components that people use to express and understand knowledge, feelings and ideas. Each of these 5 components have strong relationships with learning to read and write.

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We're here to help. Contact us with any questions or issues and we'll be happy to respond or setup a time to talk with you.

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