Leigh Scanlon

B.A., Academic Language Therapist

Leigh is a born and raised Fort Worth girl. For as long as she can remember, she has looked for opportunities to help others or bring a smile to another’s face. Leigh spent her early years training in both dance and theatre, and enjoyed the camaraderie of performing in musical theater across Fort Worth. She continued to pursue her love of the arts while in college, joining The University of Oklahoma’s School Chorus and the Musical Theatre Program. Leigh graduated with a BA in Women’s Studies from the University of Oklahoma and then pursued a Master’s degree in Counseling at Dominican University of California.

Leigh worked many years with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals helping people live healthier lives. She found great success at Pfizer winning several national sales awards, being selected as a member of Pfizer’s sales advisory team and as a member of the Women In Leadership initiative.

When Leigh became a mother in 2008, she quickly found that her true passion was working with children. She began a teaching career at a private preschool in Fort Worth where she helped three and four year olds build academic and social skills for the next 7
years. During this time Leigh also began a new personal journey. Leigh found that her own daughter struggled with a learning difference. Leigh became a passionate advocate for her daughter’s educational and socio-emotional needs and developed a desire to help others find the best learning environments and professionals for their children.

In an attempt to help her own child and others, Leigh took numerous continuing education courses and trained as a Academic Language Therapist through The Academic Language Therapy Association and the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council. She currently continues to work toward Certification as an Academic Language and Dyslexia Therapist.

In Leigh’s free time she can be found playing with her daughters, spending time with her husband and extended family, walking and riding bikes in Tanglewood Park, going to the gym and, when time, reading a good book. Leigh looks forward to seeing the joy in children’s eyes and the spark in their step as they work to boost academic and language skills at Story Stage.