Language Arts Teachers

Limited planning time? We’ve got you covered.

We know how much time you spend working outside of the classroom. With your expertise and our adaptable products, your planning will be both streamlined and creative. We can help you easily scaffold skills like inferencing, listening/reading comprehension, sentence building and organizing ideas for writing. Challenge your top students and support struggling students using the same, engaging lessons.

“Story Stage was one of the missing pieces for us. The spoken word, being able to put thoughts together in some kind of an understandable sequence, is the prerequisite to being able to write, and everyone wants the children to be able to write.”

Madge Thomas, M.Ed.

Primary Instructor
Starpoint School

Language Arts Teacher Starter Bundle

This bundle has been carefully curated to include the Story Stage pieces you need to engage students at a variety of levels. Lesson plans, card decks and Story Walk essentials all work together to equip you for countless mini-lessons and active learning fun.

  • Downloadable floor-sized Story Walk $10
  • Lesson Plan set for Vocabulary Building $9
  • 5 Sticker Sheets $20
  • Downloadable Story Walk Rulers $2
  • What are you Doing? Card Deck $13.99

Note: The “Lesson Plan set for Vocabulary Building” is a Google Document that will be available to copy to your own Google Drive account after purchase.

$54.99 value

NOW $45

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