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jenny lamsens


Jenny remains a lifelong advocate for kids, especially for those in need of extra support. After graduating from Saint Edwards University, in Austin, Texas, she began on this journey as a Juvenile Probation Officer. While raising three boys of her own, she sought out ways to keep advocating for kids - be it working in the Child Protective System as a court appointed advocate; editing children’s workbooks to help them learn; or teaching children how to stay safe as an abuse prevention teacher. She now continues her passion by teaching the kids she works with that they have a story to tell, through Story Stage.

Jenny spends the rest of her time in the outdoors and perhaps the best part is being in them with her husband and sons. She was also born and raised into a South Texas ranching family. She currently chairs the Board of Managers to run her family business to ensure that they can continue as a successful ranching family while preserving the land and their heritage for generations to come.