Drama Teachers

Because there’s more to theater than acting

Increase the perceived value of what drama teachers already know about the benefits of theater in the classroom, not the least of which is long-term retention and depth of understanding. Story Stage gives you the tools to build language and social skills that benefit students across the curriculum.

“I’ve seen some of these Story Stage performances and they’re remarkable, but the thing that moves me the most is when you hear a story and you hear a child’s voice and you hear them struggling with an issue in their life. When you have to put words around your ideas it forces you to distill them, to examine them, to polish them so that you can be a better communicator of what’s in your heart. It’s terribly valuable.”

Dr. Harry Parker

Professor & Chair
TCU Department of Theater

Drama Teacher Starter Bundle

This bundle has been carefully curated to include the Story Stage pieces needed for drama teachers to compliment their existing lesson plans. Work on building good conversations, narrative sequencing, improvisation, problem solving and more!

  • Language Snippets Scene 1.2: Let’s talk about it! $9.99
  • 1 Story Stage Card Deck: On the Same Page $13.99
  • 2 sets of Icon Stories $10
  • 2 sets of Inferencing Scenes $10
  • Floor-sized Story Walk download $10
$53.98 value

Now $45.50

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