Social problem solving that gets real

Students love that the examples in Story Stage games are relevant and up-to-date with what’s really going on with kids. The games are open-ended so that they are easy to tailor to individual responses. The Mountain or Molehill game is a favorite that makes talking about small problems versus big problems fun.

As a PreK-8th grade school counselor, families look to me for referrals for their children. As more and more children struggle with social communication and social skills, I needed a place that focused on teaching these children how to problem solve, understand the tone and language components of communication, and how to relate to others in a positive way. Story Stage is brilliant in that it teaches these skills and processes under the guise of a play writing! The students are empowered from the start. During their time together, teachers work through all the nuances of speech, language, pragmatics, and even problem solving. There are costumes and roleplays adding to the fun!   I have seen how our children take what they learn from Story Stage and apply it to their everyday lives. I am so thankful our community has such an amazing resource!

Karen Peninger

Lower and Middle School Counselor
Trinity Valley

Counselor Starter Bundle

This bundle has been carefully curated to include the Story Stage pieces needed for counselors and psychologists to get started with our 3 most popular games for working on conversation skills and social problem solving. Use our Story Walk as a structure to help kids organize their stories when trying to talk about their emotions.

  • 1 Mountain/Molehill deck and 2 premium game boards $23.99
  • 1 Story Stage Card Deck; What’s the Big Deal? $13.99
  • 1 Story Stage Card Deck: On the Same Page $13.99
  • 1 Premium Story Walk Ruler $6.00
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