Mission & Method

Story Stage seeks to foster literacy, problem solving, and social communication skills in children and teens. We do this by:

  1. Building our program on current thinking in cognitive neuroscience including theories from Fischer, Powers, and Vygotsky. These models guide us to design programs based on current research about how children learn best.
  2. Integrating theater arts with writing to build learning from a sensori-motor experience. Children see their words come to life and are intrinsically motivated to build stories.
  3. Focusing on narrative language skills because they are linked to both academic success and building successful social relationships.
  4. Guiding students to think critically and solve problems related to cause-effect relationships, pattern identification, and story sequencing.
  5. Creating an environment that is nurturing, safe, and confidence-building for children of all abilities.
  6. Participating in ongoing research on our methods so that this research is consistently guiding our practice.