Individual Services

Should your child need individualized attention beyond what our group workshops can provide, we do have a limited number of one-on-one appointments for dyslexia tutoring and speech-language therapy.  We are also happy to help guide you toward one of our trusted referral sources if needed.

Speech Therapy - Rebekah Carlile, M.A., M.Ed., CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Evaluation

This comprehensive evaluation examines your child’s ability to produce speech sounds correctly, express their thoughts and ideas verbally, and understand what others are saying. Prices range from $200 and up depending on the specific needs of your child and the extent of testing required.

Speech-Language Therapy

Thirty minute sessions to target your child’s speech-language goals. $65 per session.

Dyslexia Tutoring - Leigh Scanlon, B.A., Academic Language Therapist

Academic Language Therapy provides remediation to children and adolescents who are struggling with dyslexia or related disorders. Educational instruction is based on Orton-Gillingham methodology which utilizes research-based, multisensory, structured language therapy in individual or small group (2-3 students) sessions.   Lessons incorporate use of all three learning modalities; auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Individual sessions (45 minutes) may be administered at your child’s school or Story Stage. Price for services is $45/hr.