Because everybody has a story to tell

theater arts + good brain science + storytelling

Writing & Storytelling

In good stories, one thing logically leads to another. Organize your ideas for telling speaking and writing in a fun collaborative group.

Social Language

All relationships are built by sharing stories. Practice telling your stories in conversations and real-life situations with a group of friends.

Problem Solving

All good stories have interesting problems. We help you learn how to think about them. You tell us what you want to think about.

Our Customized Enrichment Workshops for Kids and Teens Build Skills Important to Academic and Social Success

    We are not one size fits all. We meet with every student to find out how they’re thinking and what they care about. We build our curriculum around your student’s interests and needs.

Kids & Teens

Have fun and build your confidence for using new skills and trying out your ideas in a small group of friends.


We want to change the way your child experiences learning. We’d love to tell you how.


Our small group classes support the latest understandings from educational neuroscience about how kids learn best.